10 day challenge

So after a bit of a stall (read MASSIVE blip!) with the old nutrition, Jason has set me a challenge.

Eat clean/paleo for 10 whole days.

No cheating. No slipping. If I do go off course, I have to text him. I’m not sure why, I suspect some kind of I’m a celebrity style punishment haha So I am not intending to slip up!

10 days feels achievable.

2 days down, 8 to go. No problems. (Although my friend Hannah’s leaving do next Friday may cause me issues.)

I actually love cooking stuff from scratch. With the exception of greek yoghurt and fresh raw tomatoes I have enjoyed the whole eat clean/paleo malarky. The issue is not what I am eating, it is more time. Time to prep, cook and eat on top of trying to get a cheeky 3 & 1/2 year old to bed and then marking and planning.

Just-eat.co.uk is a dangerous website, too easy to order something then crack on with marking and planning while I wait for it to turn up.

I need to work smarter with my food, work out ways to keep eating clean/paleo but without taking up so much time because that is when I slip up. But I am so snowed under with work I can’t even find the time to sit down and work out what I need to do. So for now I need to just keep focussed and keep doing what I need to, to stay on track. Maybe over the Christmas hols I can work out how to keep eating clean/paleo but without taking ages each evening. Maybe I need to cook things on a Sunday for the week?

H x

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