New year, new me?

So here we are, 31st December! Facebook is already full of people reflecting on the year that was 2013 and thinking about their hopes for the year 2014.

Last year I’d vowed to shift the weight and for once Ive kinda stuck to that! I think back in January, I NEVER thought I’d get so hooked. My plan was to eat a bit better and swim 3 times a week. That turned in to work with a personal trainer, go to the gym 4/5 times a week and eat clean/ paleo.

So this new year I won’t be making any new years resolutions (well weight related ones anyway!). I don’t need to. This year it isn’t about starting something new or reaching a goal, it is about just carrying on with exercising and eating well, doing what has become the norm rather than something special.


So Happy New Year everyone!

H x


Well this is novel!

Normally one of the big highlights of Christmas for me is food.

Top of that list is roast potatoes closely followed by pigs in blankets, stuffing, turkey, veg (including roast parsnips, sprouts etc), gravy etc. Then chocolate, cakes, sausage rolls (my mum makes the best sausage rolls EVER!) and so on.

Mum's Sausage Rolls
Mum’s Sausage Rolls

Don’t get me wrong the food has been brilliant this year and I have really enjoyed eating it and I have to admit Roast potatoes are something I had been fantasising about since November! But something has changed.

Normally by now I could quite happily carry on eating Christmas food FOREVER! But this year I am dying to get back to eating clean. Obviously weight is a huge factor, I am 99.9999999% sure I have put on a few pound, but I can deal with that. But generally I feel sluggish, tired, unmotivated and just generally a bit crappy!

I am missing lentils, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, heck I am even missing fish! (now that is weird!)

Normally as part of New Year resolutions I would promise myself to shift weight. But normally I would start the first Monday back at school. This year though I feel like hitting the ground running. I don’t want to wait until the 6th January.  We don’t tend to do much for new year in my house so I am thinking we’ll probably drop straight back in to eating clean as soon as we get back. The only decision now is what to have first? I’m thinking steak and quinoa or chicken and lentil curry? Hmmmmm decisions, decisions!


H x

Well it is a new one on me…

For many a year it has been fairly standard that my parents have bought me clothes for Christmas.

This usually results in a slight wave of upset and nausea for one of 2 reasons.


1) Mum buys the correct size but the number of the tag horrifies me


2) What mum buys doesn’t fit and I have to take it back and exchange for something bigger

This year though has been different. For the first time in FOREVER I am going to have to take some jeans back but this time I will be exchanging for a SMALLER size! Oh yes!

Yes I need a smaller size!
Yes I need a smaller size!

When I started on this journey back in April I was size 20, probably closer to a 22 if I am honest. But now I am a 14. (16 in the odd item)  Pretty chuffed with that.  

It is funny this journey. It’s a combination of the number on the scales going down and the number on clothes sizes going down and ultimately that was my original goal. But it has become so much more than that. It has now become about fitness, health, nutrition, mental wellbeing (wasn’t expecting that one at all!) and challenging myself.

It isn’t easy. Far from it. But for the most part I am enjoying it (ask me again after my first session with Jason after Christmas!)

H x

Over egging the pudding…

I’ve gone and done it. I’ve ignored my better judgement and now I am paying for it.

This morning I got up and had a slightly painful throat. I thought it was as a result of snoring (an unfortunate family trait that has not disappeared with my weight loss!). So I got up and put my new running top on and my heart rate monitor (i’m such an ICT geek!) that Christopher got me for Christmas and I went for a run.

Cobden Bridge
Cobden Bridge
The River Itchen
The River Itchen

It was cold, really, really cold!  I couldn’t feel my feet! After a few mins of running I was sweating like mad and didn’t feel cold anymore. There was a significant amount of mist coming off the River Itchen but the sun was shining and it was cold and crisp, perfect running weather. It felt good to get some fresh air and moving. I ran to Cobden Bridge. (which is about 1.25 miles from my parents house). I then ran about half way back and walked the rest. I couldn’t work out why I was slow and struggling. (But I realised this morning I had “run”/walked further than my first run!)

Pit stop!
Pit stop!

When I got back I had a really hot shower and then we went for a Boxing Day walk at Lee-On-Solent, a bit of fresh sea air to blow the cobwebs away.

Gradually my throat and ears started to hurt. As the day as gone on, I’ve felt more and more rubbish.

So there it is, I’ve finally succumbed to the lurge. A sign to rest up and take it easy for a bit. To be fair in the winter term I normally have umpteen colds etc and this is the first one this year. I am 100% sure this is down to being fitter, healthier and eating better. So I’ve not done too bad. I just hope the lurge disappears quickly!

H x

Merry Christmas!

Today has been a funny old day.

No exercise and full on Christmas food, delicious but I feel like I have put on 3 stone in one go.

Not surprised, not overly bothered. I knew today would be a case of “abandon the eat clean/paleo ship”, enjoy it for what it is, then move on.

What has surprised me was how much I wanted to do some exercise. If we hadn’t been tight for time this morning I would have quite happily gone for a run! That so wouldn’t have happened last year!

I’m guessing tomorrow might be a similar state of affairs, but I am hoping to get my trainers on. I feel like I need some fresh air.

I’ll worry about food on the 27th December 😉

Merry Christmas to you all.

H x

Chicken with peanut sauce and sweet potatoes

Before I started eating clean/paleo I had never really had peanut butter (except in Reece’s cups!)

This recipe is a doddle to make, tastes delicious and it has the bonus of not needing to be cooked in a pan! Anything that reduces the amount of washing up is a winner in my book.

This can be frozen and reheats well.

chicken and peanut

Sometimes you just need to rest


Sometimes well meaning friends and family will say “you need to slow down, you need to listen to your body”. For the most part I’ll ignore them. The aches and pains are all part of working hard in the gym.

Sometimes Jason will say “you need to listen to your body and recognise the difference between exercise making you feel uncomfortable and a genuine problem” and I listen to him.

This morning I am taking his advice on board.

My shoulders are sore from the TRX back rows yesterday. I dropped myself lower yesterday than I have done for a while, I was trying really hard not to be a wuss. But that’s ok, I expect to be sore.

But I’ve woken up dizzy and the feeling like I’m about to come clattering down with the lurge. My throat feels puffy. My head is fuzzy and I’m tired and run down. I think it’s my body’s way of saying, “time for a rest old love”.

So I’m going to do exactly that. Chill out, continue to eat well. (Steak for dinner tonight, that’s defo a win!) spend time with Imogen and Christopher). I had intended to go for a run this morning but it’s time to listen. Hopefully I can avoid this lurge that is lurking.

H x

Man Press ups

Every so often Jason introduces a new exercise that becomes my nemesis. This will be an exercise that I decide I can’t do, is beyond my capabilities, hurts too much/makes me want to vomit and generally I hate it!

It started with step ups with the medicine ball. Then burpees. Then anything involving a power bag. Next it was squat thrusters. Then goblet squats and currently it is man press ups!

Now when I first started doing press ups I had 2 issues. 1) I couldn’t do a press up 2) I couldn’t even support my own body weight on my arms let alone push myself up and down.

So Jason made me do girl press ups. (NB man press ups and girl press ups are not their proper names but they work for me) This essentially involves kneeling with your legs crossed at the ankles the performing a press up. A damn sight easier but in the early days still caused me difficulty.

Just recently Jason has started getting me to do proper man press ups. Gotta say I DETEST them! They REALLY hurt. They hurt my arms, my abs, and my back. Now the whole back thing I think is because I’ve not quite got the movement right but I’ll get there with a bit of practice. The biggest problem I have is not getting my thighs and body to go down far enough and parallel to the floor.

The 2nd biggest problem is convincing myself I can do them on my own. There is a world if difference having your personal trainer there telling you “keep going, just one more!” And correcting things if you’ve not got them quite right to trying to tackle them alone. In fact I’ve been avoiding them so far and sticking with girl press ups! I’ve not even wanted to try them on my own…

But today I’ve given them a bash. I’ve really concentrated on lowering my whole body to avoid back ache and dare I say it I am getting a tiny bit better at them. Still detest them though!

I wonder how long it will take till I don’t mind them?

H x